Remembering the Persecuted Church

The following blog is the newest installment in our Classics Series, where we revisit posts from days gone by. This blog was originally posted in July of 2014.

“Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you are also in the body.”
Hebrews 13:3

We have it good here in America. We are comfortable and rarely face opposition for our allegiance to Jesus Christ except for the occasional raised eyebrow. However, let not our security and comforts lull us into a forgetful stupor of our fellow Christians who don’t have our freedoms. We will probably have to work harder and be more creative to pray and pray knowledgeably. To connect more with others who share the same Lord while not like us in tongue, location, or skin color, we must have a shift in our perspective. The perspective I’m talking about is thinking more universally about our faith than locally. We are residents of a city, members of a local church, but rarely does it cross our minds that we are members of the one anothers in Laos, Chile, Hungary, Yemen, Uganda, China, or Malawi. We must remember that the body of Christ transcends borders and time. Eternally speaking, we have more in common with that Christian family in Indonesia, eking out an existence on rice farming, than with some of our neighbors.

We must not wait for the pain of persecution to arrive in force on our homeland to be mistreated for our faith. We must be ‘world’ (NOT worldly) Christians. We must strive to know our brothers and sisters out there and feel the pain of their gospel suffering as if it were happening to us.

Get informed by signing up for free information from Voice of the Martyrs or Christian Aid. Subscribe to World Magazine. Put down the fiction every now and then and read a good Christian biography of one of the saints of old. This will encourage you in your walk of faith now. Give what you can. Withhold a luxury every now and then out of solidarity for those persecuted who could use the few bucks. Expand your vision now for the glorious kingdom that King Jesus is building worldwide.

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