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Viewing our Money Christianly

Will Pareja | September 27, 2018

I caught myself thinking recently: “I wish I were rich so I could give most of it away.” Hopefully, this mindset is a response to the kind of generosity...

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Two Ears Walk into a Church…

Will Pareja | September 27, 2018

They both went to Pierced Church, but over time they learned to listen differently to the sermon. One ear, trained on sitcoms and sound bytes, rarely ever got what...

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Latest Sermon

Shepherding God's Church Part 3

Will Pareja | January 27, 2019

A leader in one arena of life isn't necessarily suitable for other arenas. No place is this truer than the one holy, apostolic and universal church left to us by the Lord Jesus. While we should be most grateful for a 'tough-as-nails' general to...


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