Current Series

Doctrinal Confession

If humanity’s salvation is “by grace through faith,” (Ephesians 2:8) then what we believe about God and his world is of utmost importance. In this series, called This We Believe, we try to freshly articulate ancient truth. The Addison Street Community Church doctrinal confession outlines fifteen beliefs that are considered crucial for a proper understanding of who God is and what he expects of his world. Strengthen yourself on some of the fundamentals of Christianity by thoughtfully mulling over each sermon in this series.

Old Testament Wisdom (Job–Song of Songs)

In this series, we "fly over" each of five books of wisdom in the Old Testament. They are also very poetical books. Almost all  Old Testament books have some poetry in them. The genius of these books is that they capture life in both its reality and idealism and point us to God as the answer.