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May 19, 2019 | Will Pareja

The Flexible Soul-Winner

1 Corinthians 9:19-23

Over the last couple of decades, it seems like churches have flagged in cultures of evangelism partially as a reaction to the impersonal approaches of the by-gone years. Namely, door knocking, bus routes and leaving tracts unattended. The argument goes something like: "We don't want to treat people as projects or conversion trophies." It's true, no one wants to be used. It's just not too dignifying. So, churches ensued to come up with softer and less invasive ways of "outreach." Even the phrase "friendship evangelism" came to the fore as a descriptor of a more caring and relational way of winning people to Jesus.

While it's true that we shouldn't use people to decorate our personal, spiritual trophy cabinets, it isn't wrong to view them as potential followers (aka "converts") to Jesus. Because that's exactly what a proper response to the Gospel offer entails— conversion. And, here's one solid reason why: the Bible says that without God/outside of Christ we are "objects of wrath destined for destruction" (Romans 9:22). While we don't know who ultimately God has chosen for eternal salvation, we do know that we are born in a massive deficit. In other words, objects of wrath (actual) can become objects of conversion (potential).

What does this have to do with 'flexibility' (as the title suggests)? Have a listen and see how Pastor Will ties this all together.  

Series Information

A problem church. That was Corinth. And, the Apostle Paul carefully addresses each issue with clarity and conviction that suffices for churches of all ages and places. From division to immorality to marriage and divorce; from conscience to the Lord's Supper and spiritual gifts; the role of the resurrection... this first letter to the Corinthian church assures us nothing is beyond the Gospel's power to put a church on the path to health.

This is an ongoing "series" of individual expositions of First Corinthians. Hardly any of these talks are sequential but hopefully they are faithful and can seamlessly continue and pass the baton to their immediate contexts.