The plan for a new "normal" congregation

We are glad to announce that the wait is finally over! Starting Sunday June 21st, you can join us in-person for our morning worship gatherings. However, in order to provide a safe environment for everyone attending, we need to follow some guidelines. While the following plan is subject to change as the weeks go on, for at least the next three weeks we will attempt to do the following:

  1. Doors will be opened—no push/touch— for arrival and exit.
  2. Please wear a face mask. We will have some available, but we encourage you to bring yours.
  3. Contact Tracing: We will do this minimally without making it seem too invasive. E.g., sign in sheets and a front and back photo of the congregation.
  4. We will have hand sanitizers available all over the auditorium.
  5. We are following the guidelines to keep Social Distancing of 6ft. Staggered seating arrangements, meaning that some pews closed. We ask you not to sit in the roped-off ones. Families and couples can stay together.
  6. The immediate pulpit area will be shielded meaning whoever is speaking will not spread their droplets. While there'll be limited music, if you are inclined to sing do so at your own risk and keep your mask on.
  7. We won't provide Children’s Ministry. ALL children are most welcome in the services and must sit with their parents/guardians.
  8. Our services will be shortened to approx 60 minutes for at least the first 3 weeks.
  9. Bring your own Bible. We use it alot here. If you don't own one, we're happy to give you one!
  10. If you or anyone else you had contact with gets infected/tests positive for COVID-19, we ask that you: please stay home; then, tell us and we promise to do the same. We do this out of love and protection for the whole community and not at all to shame someone for getting sick. Also, if you feel sick with similar symptoms as COVID-19, please view the service through the private link provided.
  11. We know one of the goals of the church is provide communion between the saints. However, during this time we ask you to avoid physical contact and keep any socializing to outdoors.