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God speaks to his people today through the exposition and preaching of his written Word, the Bible. Listen to and share our Sunday Messages with anyone who can benefit from them.

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Current Series

King of Kings

In this series, we explore the rise of one of the wisest men to ever walk the earth. He is King Solomon. The heir to David’s throne. God used him to bring Israel to a great time of prosperity, with his greatest accomplishment being, building God a magnificent temple. All of this success and wisdom could not protect him from his own wicked desires though. Ultimately, resulting in the decline and fall of the united nation of Israel, and life as the Israelites knew it. This great fall of Israel and Judah’s kings ushers our gaze forward to a greater king. The King of kings, Jesus Christ. Hear of the hope we have in Him through the preaching of God’s word in our series, King of Kings.

With Christ in the Wilderness

Everyone is tempted. Everyone sins. That creates a cosmic problem because God is holy, hates sin and as a just judge punishes sin. The christian is one who has been saved from God's punishment because of the work of Jesus Christ. However, the Christian still struggles with sin and temptation. What is the solution? This series will seek to display the sufficiency of Jesus Christ in the midst of our temptation.

Old Testament Wisdom (Job–Song of Songs)

In this series, we "fly over" each of five books of wisdom in the Old Testament. They are also very poetical books. Almost all  Old Testament books have some poetry in them. The genius of these books is that they capture life in both its reality and idealism and point us to God as the answer.