Profile of ASCC - We are an urban non-denominational gospel-focused church in an affluent neighborhood on Chicago’s north side. We are a small congregation in the process of revitalization. Our desire is to make Jesus famous in our neighborhood while making disciples and training leaders for ministry.

One way that we do that is through our internship program. Our internship program at Addison Street Community Church is designed to be mutually beneficial. Our internship flows out of our values statement: We are a community of believers proclaiming the Word through worship, discipleship and service.

This will involve both tangible and intangible work. Our purpose is that this opportunity will bless you by 1. Helping to identify, confirm and sharpen your gifts and talents for ministry, 2. Deepening your understanding of the gospel through fellowship and applied ecclesiology, and 3. Developing written and verbal communication skills. All interns are required to commit for a period of 10 weeks and compensation will be awarded on a case-by-case basis. 

If accepted, all interns are required to participate in the following:

  • Sign the Fellowship Covenant of our church (effective through the duration of the internship).

  • Required Reading - Reading material will be identified and some of which will be worked in our weekly discussions. The intern will be expected to read the books carefully and come prepared with questions, etc.

  • Mini-Sermon - Participants will be required to give 15-20 minute sermons throughout the program to other interns and the pastoral staff exhibiting excellence in research, thoughtfulness in communication, and personal growth in content. This mini-sermon will be critiqued to develop you as a communicator of biblical truth.

  • Mentoring - The Chicago church community has a wide variety of churches, parachurch ministries and leaders. We will schedule time to expose you to experienced ministry practitioners with the purpose of building a network and learning from various leaders. 

  • Resume Review - Each participant will be required to undergo various revisions of their ministry resume (submitted at the beginning).

  • Leadership Development Seminars - We will have several seminars throughout the internship to develop and train participants, which may include but not limited to Homiletics, public reading of Scripture and Biblical counseling.

  • Weekly Service Meeting - Each participant will meet weekly with the staff. During this time we will have discussions on required reading, worship service review, life and ministry in general and prayer.

  • Journaling - participants will be asked to write about their experiences in the internship through journaling either electronically or on a notepad.

  • Projects/School Requirements - Based on availability, gifting, and personality, interns will be given tasks and projects, which will consequently be reviewed by the pastoral staff. These projects may be adjusted to fit school internship requirements.

  • Midterm and Exit Interview - Each participant will be given a midterm and exit interview designed to evaluate and guide participants for further work in ministry. Participants will be required to give 300-500 word essays evaluating the positive and negative aspects of their internship prior to their interviews.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact us at