COVID 19 Resources

Resources for processing the global pandemic

  • Ligonier (available in app stores)
  • If your Bible reading is still wavering with all the extra time, download Dwell Bible Listening app experience right now! They've given our church 60 days of free listening to the Bible. Just use this code.
  • But if you’re the hiphop kind, you’ll enjoy this well-produced audio bible called Streetlights.
  • Not an app but some smart kid is tracking all the data globally on Coronavirus spread. Buy him a coffee!
Book(let)s (Audio and Electronic)
  • Getty Music: A kind of best-of-the-best from modern songwriters whose songs we sing at ASCC that they’re giving away license-free. And their YouTube channel has an Easter playlist.
  • This one’s good for the kids to help with the jitters. And, be honest, you too, grandpa.=+)

We first recommend the above literature. But a good show, movie or documentary can indeed be edifying and enjoyable. 

  • While this isn’t a video, per se, someone has done some helpful work in culling together "30 Edifying Things to Watch While Stuck at Home". None of these are official endorsements from Addison Street Community Church.

  • THIS IS an official endorsement from ASCC, however… our friends at Frontline Missions have availed their fantastic video travelogues "Dispatches from the Front" for a limited time to stream. They said this: "From now until May 1, 2020, each of these 8 episodes will be available for 48-hour rental for just $1. Simply go to and use the code 'DispatchesFromHome' at checkout to get these $1 rentals. For those who prefer DVDs to streaming, we are also offering discounted pricing on Dispatches from the Front DVDs as well. A full set of all ten original episodes is now only $35, and the Luke’s Dispatches set of 3 DVDs is $20. You can see all our sale prices at our online store.  These prices are good through May 1 and available only on our website."

  • The Chosen is a TV series in progress. Creative and overall true to Scripture in its first season. DON’T let it replace your time in the Word and what the Gospels say about Jesus. God’s Word always over human ingenuity

  • Pilgrim’s Progress animation is streaming free now!

  • This new film will help you in clarifying and defending your faith. Worth the $5 rental on Amazon Prime.

Self-Care: What are your practices to focus on God during these turbulent times? ASCC member Kyle Stewart once again has shared something via one of her friends on Psalms for Washing Hands. Print these out and put around your sinks, creeks, washing machines, water pumps or mud rooms! 

Others-Care: One S. Korean pastor took the 9-1-1 equivalent of Korea—"113"— and challenged his church to take 1 day to call 1 person and pray for 3 people. Great Idea! How else would you creatively look outward to others? 

How much do you hate your neighbor to withhold the gospel? Penn & Teller answer it.

Giving to ASCC:  If you haven't set up online giving yet, it's not too late or too hard. Just follow this link to a page of instructions and/or then click here to get started giving! As we all consciously watch our personal finances these days, consider God's continuing work here through our church AND those who are or will be needy among us.

Places to Donate or Receive Food
  • Our local neighborhood Common Pantry has revved up "I Am Your Neighbor Meals". 

  • And a similar effort by a local high school student "A Meal Today A Meal Tomorrow". You can contact me for information on this. 

  • And, of course, the Greater Chicago Food Depository is about ready to help and willing to take donations.

  • Who cares for the healthcare workers all over the city and world? Feed the Frontlines is arming up to send meals to those caring for COVID patients here in Chicago. Send some yum love over. You never know, one of them may get infected in the process or be caring for you.