Current Series

Operation Border Expansion: How Churches Flourish by the Word (Acts 13-28)

Jesus has risen from the dead and has ascended to the Father. The gospel has expanded to places like Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, just as Jesus told his disciples (Acts 1:8). Even the Gentiles are coming to faith in Christ (Acts 11:18). Now in chapters 13-28 we will see that the gospel is continuing to spread and as a result churches are growing. What is the main component? The Word of God! Follow us along in this series as we learn how key the Scriptures are to maturing local churches!


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Witness to the Name




Sure? How Can You Know That You're a Christian

Is it really possible to know anything for certain? What about when it comes to matters of faith and the afterlife? Can you know for sure that when you die God will allow you to enter into his kingdom? On what basis? Christianity has an answer for that in the form of a person, that is Jesus. So how can you know for sure that you are a Christian? Listen to this series of talks as we discuss that truth from God's Word!

With Christ in the Wilderness

Everyone is tempted. Everyone sins. That creates a cosmic problem because God is holy, hates sin and as a just judge punishes sin. The christian is one who has been saved from God's punishment because of the work of Jesus Christ. However, the Christian still struggles with sin and temptation. What is the solution? This series will seek to display the sufficiency of Jesus Christ in the midst of our temptation.

Old Testament Wisdom (Job–Song of Songs)

In this series, we "fly over" each of five books of wisdom in the Old Testament. They are also very poetical books. Almost all  Old Testament books have some poetry in them. The genius of these books is that they capture life in both its reality and idealism and point us to God as the answer.