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May 03, 2020 | Dave Andreson

The Dying Seed

John 12:20-26
Charles Haddon Spurgeon Quote:

“We make too little of Christ death. Surely we make too little of our redeemer’s death. I fear that even we, who preach most concerning it, dwell too little upon it. That we who pray, plead it too little. That we who sing, praise our Lord too little for His wondrous death and that we who live upon his grace, yet think too little of the channel by which it flows to us! 

Christ’ death is His glory and it ought also be ours. All other topics and holy scripture are important and none of them are to be cast into the shade, but the death of the Son of God is the central sun of all these minor luminaries.

Our Lord seems to say that it was absolutely necessary that he should die – that even his perfect life would have been of no use to us if he had not died. He says, “Except a corn of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone.” So You see, brothers and sisters, that if Christ, after having come to this earth as he did, had not died, he would, as far as mankind is concerned, have had to abide in heaven alone. As God, The Word, “alone” would have had no reference, for the holy angels, as well as his Father and the ever-blessed Spirit would always have been near him. But if our Lord could have come here and then have gone back to heaven without dying, it would not have been possible for any other man to ever have gone to heaven— and Christ would have been the only Man in the whole of that land of joy! It is dreadful to even think of such a thing as that! 

If that could have happened, where must all the saints of God and all mankind have gone? There is but one other region—the land of darkness and of death, the land of pain, of horror and of unutterable woe.

And we must all have gone there if Christ had not died upon the cross — not only the thief on the left hand of the Christ, but the thief on his right hand, too – not only Judas, but Peter, John and all the apostles – not only Demas, but Paul, Silas and all the early Christians—not only Ahithophel, but the righteous, too —all! ALL!

All, having sinned, would have been condemn to eternal wrath if Jesus had not died! Ah, but it was not possible for the Son of Man, who is also the Son of God, to be alone in heaven! He could not be content to be there alone. He left his Father’s side in glory, in order that he might become the Son of Man! And then, after he had once taken our human nature into union with his divine nature, he could not go back to heaven to live there in solitude, without another man to bear him company!

We Cannot conceive of the first-born without a brotherhood, the head without a body, the Savior with no saved ones to sing his praises, the Shepherd without sheep, the king without subjects! 

No; this could not be and, therefore, it was absolutely necessary that Christ should die!”

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