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Sep 22, 2019 | Dwayne Sommersell

The Comforter's Witness

Romans 8:12-17

Our feelings of assurance can fluctuate. Some days we might feel that we truly are saved, while other days we are full of doubt. Although the promises of God are the objective truth, there is still a subjective side to our assurance. One aspect of that comes from the Holy Spirit. How do we know? This is what Paul addresses in Romans 8. This assurance from the Holy Spirit is only for the child of God. How can I know? Listen in as Dwayne explains!

Series Information

Is it really possible to know anything for certain? What about when it comes to matters of faith and the afterlife? Can you know for sure that when you die God will allow you to enter into his kingdom? On what basis? Christianity has an answer for that in the form of a person, that is Jesus. So how can you know for sure that you are a Christian? Listen to this series of talks as we discuss that truth from God's Word!