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Apr 14, 2019 | Warton Hertz

Self-Centered [Un]Righteousness

Matthew 6:1-18

When we think of being tempted we always think of avoiding something we know that shouldn't be done or some action that is clearly condemned in the Bible. But what about when temptation comes disguised as righteousness? Is it possible to do what is externally right and still fall into sin? The answer is yes! Because one can practice deeds of religious devotion for internal sinful motivations. That is why Jesus addresses this in the Sermon on the Mount to his disciples: "Beware of practicing your acts of righteousness before men in order to be seen by them.” Ostentation and self glorification can be one of these internal twisted motivations. Our hearts love to get attention from men, and if we lose sight of the glory of God, that can become a real temptation in our Christian life, and then we turn unrighteous what was supposed to be an act of righteousness.

Series Information

Everyone is tempted. Everyone sins. That creates a cosmic problem because God is holy, hates sin and as a just judge punishes sin. The christian is one who has been saved from God's punishment because of the work of Jesus Christ. However, the christian still struggles with sin and temptation. What is the solution? This series will seek to display the sufficiency of Jesus Christ in the midst of our temptation.