Heaven is For Real

    04.13.14 | Eternity | Pop Culture | by Will Pareja

    What is the discerning Christian to think about all the books and movies recounting the near-death or after-death experiences of sincere people? Is heaven about our fanciful dreams about a "few of our favorite things? Or, is about something...

      'Scanning' Our Church Identity

      08.02.13 | by Will Pareja

      It seems like you can hardly go anywhere these days without an ID. An “ID” is a governmental or organizational-issued credential bearing your likeness and some basic data about you (have you ever forgotten your ID card or lost it?)...

        Why Creeds?

        07.03.13 | by Ryan Reed

        Pastoral Intern, Ryan Reed, gets us thinking about including historic creeds into our public worship services. Our shared commitments with Christians all over the world and throughout history can lead to personal and congregational transformation.

          On Truth and Freedom

          06.30.13 | by Will Pareja

          What discovery have you made in your life that was absolutely liberating? For the  founding forefathers of our nation, it was democracy and our “inalienable rights.” Sometimes, we discover things that (though not as large) make...