Life Together

A city is people, and so is a church. We are a people bound together by the blood of Jesus Christ. We are also a people "in process." That means none of us has arrived. Whether you're on a journey to discover the truth or have come to know the truth as it is in Jesus, we welcome you to dive deeper into our Church community!


Growth Groups

Growth Groups are Bible studies designed to help people in groups connect God’s Word to their lives in an intentional way. They are an integral part of our life together. We have these twice a year and there are two times in the week that we meet. One is Sunday morning at 9 am before our worship service and the other is midweek at 7 pm at someone's home. 

in the past we have done a study on Proverbs, Galatians, The Gospel-Centered Life and Obadiah and Malachi! Now we are going through The Blueprint, which is  all about the pattern of sound teaching that we are to build our lives on! Would you consider joining us as we journey together?

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