Kids Summer Break Fest

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Kids Summer Break Fest

June 20-22, 2018

Weds, Thurs and Friday

Kids Summer Break Fest is a musically-themed celebration of freedom from school. Children attending will tune up for the music of summer time through crazy-fun games, crafts, skits and all-around merry-making while also being introduced to God, the composer of life. So, put your hands together and stomp your feet because school's out and you are free!

Who's this for? We want to serve you, especially the families of our neighborhood. This is for children going into kindergarten through 5th grade in the fall. Capacity is limited. So sign up soon!

Who's putting this on? The friendly staff and vibrant volunteers representing your neighborhood Addison Street Community Church (ASCC).  All our adults who will work directly with your children are background checked, and we will abide by our ASCC child protection policy. As we can see it so far, our ratio of worker to child will be quite high.

Where is Kids Summer Break Fest held? Mainly at ASCC (outside and inside). We are currently looking into supplementing our play times with nearby locales and will update this page as soon as we confirm that. But, ASCC is Fest Central where you will drop-off and pick-up your kiddos. And the theme this year is Clap Your Hands Stomp Your Feet.

When is it? We specifically planned this event as a bridge from the end of the school year and before Chicago Park District and other local programs start up. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, June 20, 21, and 22nd. From 9am-12:30pm. 

How much? We're definitely not fundraising here. $25/child or $65/family (for partial or full attendance; no pro rations). 

Why are you doing this? Honestly (as mentioned above), we want to provide a local and safe option for your children to hang out at and in a fun and engaging structure. Also, while we don't pretend to know your child in particular, we do know that they are intelligent and wired with significant questions about life, justice and relationships.  Maybe they even have questions about God or a "higher power." Maybe something's happened in your family recently that you're trying to make sense of. And while we don't know you as a parent/guardian, we know that you care to resource your kids with tools for the deeper questions of life.  We will thoughtfully, respectfully and joyfully give your kids an 'angle' or 'note' to tune those robust minds and hearts to. 

What's the general flow of a day? Well, we want there to be some suspense or build-up for our participants, but we will start each day as one big group learning some cool songs, watching some dramatic sketches, crafting some zany musical instruments, weaving in simple and clear teaching from God's Word, the Bible, yummy  snacks, and crazy activities that will hopefully keep them wanting more (we can't guarantee that they won't try at home). 

What if my child is on an age cut-off? Since our capacity is limited, we need to try to keep the K-5th boundary fairly tight. However, call or write us to discuss (773.248.5893). 

Is there an early drop-off or late pick-up? We will open registration or have someone available at 8:30am. As for pick up, your kids will be hungry, and we might have to go hunt their lunch. We will not leave your children hungry or unattended, but we won't have programming past 12:30. However, call or write us to discuss some possible flexibility. Also, If you allow your children to get here or return on their own, then you need to indicate in writing that you approve that.


Kids Summer Break Fest

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We strive to ensure that all kids are included. Please fill out any pertinent information. Write "none" if nothing applies.

Also indicate relationship to the child.

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