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A Second Slice of Mission “Pie"

If we likened ASCC’s mission to a delicious pie, one fat slice of that is seeing people come to saving faith and being baptized. We want to grow our church not merely by transfer growth but more ideally through conversion growth. Picture how “DELICIOUS” it would be…

How thrilling it would be if young college graduates who follow Jesus take their first jobs in Chicago, move in to our parish neighborhood and join our church on its mission. Or, how amazing would it be if just a fraction of the young singles moving to Chicago’s north side for the vibrant night life come to know the Light of the world through ASCC!

Wouldn’t it be great to see generations of biological families gathering and scattering from here weekly as part of the bigger spiritual family of ASCC! As couples choose these “safe”  neighborhoods for the schools, they raise their children in this church. How great not only to see those kids becoming Christians but then have some of them as adults deliberately returning to ASCC to be on mission with us. This isn’t a pie-in-the-sky dream. It’ll take diligent prayer and patience—at least a generation and not just one sole leader doing all the work. In fact, it’s supernatural in so many ways; larger than me and you. It won’t happen without the Holy Spirit engineering it. “With God all things are possible.”

Wouldn’t it be lovely if single believers found joyful acceptance among the families? We don’t merely want to be a church of one race, one social or economic class. As this happens, we’ll know that by God’s grace we are accomplishing our mission.

Not long ago, Dwayne Sommersell asked God for something bold during one of our worship services. Do you remember? He prayed that 2 families from our parish neighborhood would come to saving faith, be baptized and become members of ASCC in the next year. That’s what I call a B-HAP: BIG, hairy, audacious prayer— the kind that God enjoys answering. You might be tempted to think: “Sheesh! We haven’t seen that before.” No worries! Let’s not look back, and let’s pray confidently for this and see how the Lord acts!

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