About Us

Our History

ASCC Bldg Sketch 

History is important. It tells you a lot about who you are and where you're going. So what is our history? Well...

Our church, located on the north side of Chicago, has had a long history of different names, buildings, places, and faces. Over 120 years ago a small band of Christ-followers met for the first time as the Gross Park Congregational Church. Their first building was on the corner of Roscoe and Leavitt. The church eventually came to where it now stands on Addison and Hamilton and survived, despite a ravaging fire in 1919. We have been served by 25 faithful shepherds, including Rev. George A. Rice, who served from 1963-2012, before our current Pastor came to serve here. Despite all the changes over the years, we have had one constant: we have been preserved to be a light in our neighborhood for God's glory.

Want to find out why we've stuck around for so long? Come visit us this Sunday!

Our vision

Our parish neighborhood would not be able to ignore our beautiful Lord Jesus and His body.

OUR mission

We exist to establish redemptive presence in our parish neighborhood and wherever we may be.

Our Core Values

We are a community of believers proclaiming the Word through Worship, Discipleship and Service.